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Wave Machines to perform at Botanique

It’s somehow a paradox that one of the best bands emerging in the aftermath of the phenomenal success of Brooklyn-based duo MGMT comes, of all places, from Liverpool, a city more widely acknowledged as  a base of Brit pop acts than as a suitable breeding ground of electro pop music.

I first came across the name of Wave Machines on the sleeve of French culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles’ autumn selection CD, which featured their single Keep the lights on. The catchy slo-mo background tune gives the song this rare quality of instant familiarity, and it’s wrapped up by that synthesizer sound which has become a must for any electro pop act after MGMT’s 2007 Oracular Spectacular, an indisputable trendsetter of the decade.

I then went on to explore the other tracks of their album Wave If You’re Really There, only to discover a record brimming with funky, groovy songs, most notably pre-album single I Go I Go I Go, enhanced by strangely innocuous falsetto vocals. That’s not everything that is to it, though. WIYRT also features more conventional Liverpudlian efforts, like Punk Spirit, and the great closer, Dead Houses.

Wave Machines will present their album Wave If You’re Really There at Botanique on January 26, at 8pm. Buy your tickets now. I have the feeling that it will be a rare occasion to enjoy them in such an intimate environment. Book at:



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  1. Uncle Walt says:

    This is really good news indeed, a very good way to star 2010. I really like them too, and I think it is precisely the falsetto voice that gives them such a nice, different and strangely pleasant touch. I’m buying my ticket right away!
    This blog rocks, way to go, Tiger! :)

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