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Butcher Fallacy and the Sundance Kid

It all started with a ficticious trip to the butcher’s and ended with the journey of a lifetime.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I see it all. I was getting ready to go to the conference on Hitchcock and De Palma when Mr. T announced a meat treat for a post conference dinner. He would go to the shop, he said, while I enlarged my film knowledge by courtesy of Laurent Vanclaire. True, he almost had a heart attack when I pointed at the strict entrance ban after the start of events at Cinematek and at the possibility of my being late, and he gave me dubious instructions about a phone call immediately after the conference finished for the sake of, so the story went, perfect garnish-meat synchrony. Weird, I admit, but then again things at home have changed since Julia Child entered into our lives.

Incidentally, the conference at Cinematek was quite interesting. Using extracts from De Palma’s Sisters, Obsession, Dressed to Kill and Body Double, Vanclaire talked about voyeurism as a metaphor of cinema, of hypertextuality and of manierism in film as a justification of De Palma’s copycat approach to Hitchcock’s work. The talk was structured on two basic terms: transition and transgression, but I was quite oblivious to the fact that, in reality,  the whole conference was a cunningly orchestrated transition and that I was about to discover that my close future was being beautifully transgressed by Mr. T and a bunch of great friends.

Back at home I was received by (almost) all of them and the best gift I’ve ever got in my life: a trip to SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. I’ll be there from January 22 to January 29 and I promise to keep you posted about everything that’s going on there.

Thanks to all for the wonderful gift.

Believe or not, it was not the best piece of news of the night. But that is a different story…



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  1. Uncle walt says:

    Organising the surprise was great fun, too! Sundance, here we go! I can’t wait!

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