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Cyrillic catatonia

The forbearing listeners of my inner posse who have had to endure the stories about my adventures and vicissitudes in Bulgaria over the last years will probably remember that, while sitting in a trendy nightclub during my first stay in Sofia, I painstakingly asked the local waiter for the bill and he brought back a gin and tonic.

Fortunately, the linguistic barriers have been falling down over the time, but the Bulgarian language and its beautiful Cyrillic alphabet are still the source of certain mishaps.

As a newcomer eager to discover the city’s cultural scene I was leafing through the free magazine Programata when I came across a concert of the band Catatonia in the Hristo Botev concert hall on Thursday, April 8. I was flabbergasted. Had the Welsh band reunited without my knowing it? Was it a desperate here-we-are-again tour à la Cranberries I was not aware of?

I entered the official website in search for more information. I didn’t know how time had treated the beautiful Cerys Matthews, but the bunch of hairy guys that appeared on my screen when I clicked the concert link exceeded by far my worst expectations.

It was not Catatonia, obviously, but a seemingly popular Swedish metal band called Katatonia of which, I must confess, I had never heard.

The fact that both names translate the same in their Cyrillic transliteration and my heavy metal illiteracy were equally responsible for the unfortunate misunderstanding.

That, I thought, should nevertheless be no obstacle to pay a well deserved tribute to the Welsh band in Imitation of Life. Although they will probably always be remembered for their song Mulder and Scully, I prefer this one which is, incidentally, that song that Katie Melua, indisputable Queen of Dull, has been looking for in vain all these years.




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2 Responses

  1. Selma says:

    How can one ever forget the gin&tonic episode?

  2. Uncle Walt says:

    Gin and Tonic, a classis anecdote, indeed. Your post has made me laugh out loud, really. It reminds me of the Hungarian lady that thought our friend P. and I wanted to kidnap her in her own appartment, when all we were trying to say is we didn’t feel like going to the centre with her :)
    Anyway, thanks for the very funny post and for posting the song. Take care!

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