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Marina, the umpteenth Kate

For someone like me who firmly believes that Hounds of Love still holds as one the best records of the 1980s and that the self-penned Wuthering Heights ranks among the most spectacular musical debuts ever, the almost standard announcement of the advent of the new Kate Bush every time a female singer-songwriter with a squeaky voice comes along is always received with mixed feelings of joy and mistrust.

Some of them have genuinely brought joy and happiness to the music world: Tori Amos, Alison Goldfrapp, the très unexpected Emilie Simon or, more recently, Florence Welsch.

My last Kate Bush-esque discovery bears a strong resemblance to the latter not only for her ability to create good pop songs but also because they both come with a (technically inexistent) band to add to their names, Florence’s The Machine and Marina’s Diamonds.

Have a look at her video for the infectious Mowgli’s Road. I need some help here. Why do I love so much those froggy limbs?

Enjoy and kisses,



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