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The Irrepressibles at Les Nuits Botanique

Boston-based musical duo The Dresden Dolls famously described their style as Brechtian Punk Cabaret, lest the press invent a term that “would involve the word gothic”.

That might well be true, but by doing so they created a movement that has found fans and followers all over the world.

The last band to emerge from this musical trend of Weimar Republic nostalgia comes from London and is called The Irrepressibles. Jamie McDermott’s haunting voice is the soul of this 10-piece orchestral ensemble of harpsichords, cellos, pianos and violins. They claim influences of Ferry and Bowie, but it’s Antony (Hegarty) and the Johnsons what actually echoes when you first listen to them.

Have a look at the promotional video of Shelly Love’s new film The Forgotten Circus, featuring their sublime In this shirt.

The Irrepressibles will perform in LES NUITS at BOTANIQUE on Saturday, 8 May, together with Belgium’s My Little Cheap Dictaphone. Don’t miss it. This is baroque pop at its best.



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