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Is Hilary Swank up for her third Oscar?

If Julia Roberts did it with poisoned water, Swank can certainly pull it off with an unfair murder conviction case.

The trailer looks nothing out of the ordinary, but it has everything Academy voters like, plus Hilary really can cry (I still feel shivers down my spine when I think of the sexual identity crisis questioning scene from Boys Don’t Cry).

It’s good to see Melissa Leo busy after her Frozen River nomination and Juliette Lewis in what could be a comeback role.

The best piece of news for Hilary Swank, though, is that Annette Bening is in the race too (for Mother and Child). 2010 being, unfortunately, a Streepless year, the Oscar race could boil down to their third head-to-head confrontation (Swank 2-Bening 0).

Watch the trailer and guess… does the guy walk out of jail at the end?



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