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BEST SONGS OF 2010 (so far)

Summer is almost over and it’s time to choose the best of 2010 (so far) in order to have the homework done for the first half of the year, come award time later in December.

I will soon post my film choices of the year in Imitation of Life, but I decided to start with my 20 favourite songs of 2010.

A couple of them (among them Top 5 ranked Hey You by French band Pony Pony Run Run) were technically released as single or EP in 2009, but then re-released this year when the album officially came out.

It’s always difficult to make a best of list and this one has been no exception. Thus, for instance, Californian trio Music Go Music made the cut as last of the list over bands like Yeasayer or Hurts who could (and maybe should) have been included, not only for the acknowledgment they deserve for making really interesting ABBA-influenced music in 2010, but also because of the unaccountable lack of promotion they’ve had (you cannot even buy the song in the Belgian iTunes). Here goes then my small contribution to the promotion of this most original band.

As for the winner, Hot Chip’s irresistible I Feel Better has topped my personal ranking for most part of the year, but it has ultimately been overtaken by Excuses, the opener of The Morning Benders’ Big Echo, arguably the year’s best album by an (almost) new band. Excuses is a glorious blend of Californian classic pop and calm, modern indie rock and it’s, in my opinion, the best song of the year (so far).

I don’t know if making a worst of list would be any easier, but I’m sure a strong contender for the trophy would be Shakira’s painfully ubiquitous Waka Waka, the World Cup’s ghastly official song. The tune, a perfect follow-up to La Queen Latina’s studio album She Wolf, one of the most hideous pop efforts as of late, was an insult to a whole continent and to the intelligence (???!) of football fans worldwide. Funnily enough, Shakira’s She Wolf was subsequently covered by the boys of Hot Chip to surprisingly good results.

Here’s my list of the best songs of 2010 so far. I’ve included videos for the Top 5 songs. There’s still no official video for The Morning Benders’ Excuses, so I posted this Yours Truly session version, where they perform the song with a bunch of friends. There’s another video in YouTube with no images (just the record cover) and the album version of the song, but I thought it was worth to put this one just to see the vocalist. He could have easily taken the leading role in (500) Days of Summer from Joseph Gordon-Lewitt.

Leave your comments or your own list below.


 20. Light of Love   MUSIC GO MUSIC

19.Trouble in Mind   ERLAND & THECARNIVAL

18. I Can Change   LCD SOUNDSYSTEM


16. Horchata   VAMPIRE WEEKEND

15. Believer   GOLDFRAPP

14. Cathy   RODRIGO LEÃO (feat. NEIL HANNON)

13. Dancing On My Own   ROBYN


11. Something Good Can Work   TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB

10. Invisible Light   SCISSOR SISTERS

9.   Pop The Glock   UFFIE

8.  Flash Delirium   MGMT

7.  The Suburbs   ARCADE FIRE

6.  Dance the Way I Feel   OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL


4. Big Jet Plane   ANGUS & JULIA STONE

3.  In the Sun   SHE & HIM

2. I Feel Better   HOT CHIP



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One Response

  1. Julia says:

    One of the best songs of 2010 ? “Let the Sunrise Say Goodbye” from HWY-99 ! *****/5 stars

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