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The Best Concerts of Brussels’ Music Winter Season

The period between October and May is traditionally the time when the best musical acts hit the tour circuit out of the festival season. Brussels, with two of the best indoor concert venues in Europe, is the perfect place to look forward to the great music events ahead of us.

Here is IMITATION OF LIFE’s choice of the best concerts in Brussels for the next months. Some of them are already sold out. Touting on the day of the concert is, however, a friendly and affordable tradition in Belgian music scene.

I already got my tickets and hope to see you in any of the concerts below


GOLDFRAPP, 23/11/2010, Ancienne Belgique, SOLD OUT

Arguably the sexiest, most appealing female-led music act from the last decade (Róisín Murphy permitting), Alison Goldfrapp has experimented with ambient music, glam rock, electronic dance music and even folk. Her fifth album Head First, a collection of glossy, 80s-inluenced songs, is bluffing rather than disappointing. Alison, her fabulous outfits and duo partner Will Gregory will stage a sort of Best of concert in Ancienne Belgique. One of the indisputable highlights of the year.

ANGUS & JULIA STONE, 13/12/2010, Ancienne Belgique, SOLD OUT

The trendiest and most beautiful sibling folk duo in the world. Big Jet Plane is an instant classic.

THE DRUMS, 16/12/2010, Ancienne Belgique

The ubiquitous Let’s Go Surfing set the ball rolling for what arguably is the year’s most pleasant surprise in American indie pop. They’re from New York but they’ll make you dream of California.

PONY PONY RUN RUN, 21/01/2011, Ancienne Belgique

Pony Pony Run Run joins in the bunch of French bands making excellent English-speaking synth-pop. Irresistible.

JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN, 15/02/2011, Botanique

Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend at the moment of his tragic death has one of the most enviable resumes in that middle earth between indie and mainstream music that she so perfectly embodies. Rufus Wainwright, Antony Hegarty and Scissor Sisters are only some of her former collaborators. She will present her (still unreleased) third album at Botanique.

HURTS, 01/03/2011, Ancienne Belgique

Almost a year went by from the launching of the first single until the release of the album Happiness. The deliberate procrastination has paid off. The Mancurian duo has crafted a lavish record which draws influences from Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Italian baroque pop and an image that looks like taken from a Tom Ford ad. After their show in Botanique, they’ll be back in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique hall.

ROBYN, 10/03/2011, Ancienne Belgique

Sweden’s electro pop queen returns to Brussels to present her 2010 three-part opus and, hopefully, some of her older hits.


PUGGY, 09/02/2011 (SOLD OUT) and 21/03/2011, Ancienne Belgique

It all began in Brussels, and English vocalist Matthew Irons, French bassist Romain Desdampes and Swedish drummer Egil ‘Ziggy’ Franzen consistently and proudly declare that Puggy is a Belgian band. The February AB show is already sold out, but they’ll perform again in the same venue one month later.

WHITE LIES, 23/03/2011, Ancienne Belgique, Presale starts 19/11/2010

The perfect band for those who may feel embarrassed to declare their love for Coldplay.

DEERHUNTER, 11/04/2011, Botanique

It’ll be interesting to see if the guys of Deerhunter’ bring their infamous stage reputation to Brussels. Vocalist Bradford Cox has been reported to wear dresses and fake blood smeared over his face in their performances. That detail aside, they make really good, dark music.

ARSENAL, 21/04/2011 (SOLD OUT) and 22/04/2011, Ancienne Belgique

Belgium duo Arsenal has been an essential part of the local DJ scene ever since its formation back in 1999. Hendrik Willenyns and Joan Roan have regularly collaborated with Brazilian musician Mario Vitalino to give a bossa nova inflection to the band’s unmistakable chill out sound. They will be two days in a row at AB in April 2011, but hurry up because the first concert is already sold out.

For more info and tickets:




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