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Ana María Matute receives this year’s Premio Cervantes

Ángeles González-Sinde, Minister of Culture of Spain, has announced today writer Ana María Matute as this year’s recipient of Premio Cervantes, the most prestigious literary award in Spanish language.
Born in Barcelona in 1925, Matute is one of the most utterly original authors to emerge in the Spanish literary landscape after the Spanish Civil War.
Although generally considered a realist writer, she has turned to modernist and surrealist techniques and is the author of fantasy epics (the extraordinary Olvidado Rey Gudú, a novel on which she worked for almost four decades) and children’s stories.
Pequeño teatro, Primera memoria and Los soldados lloran de noche are among her finest novels.
She has received all major literary awards in Spanish language and was candidate for the Nobel Price in several occasions.
Some weeks ago, when asked about the rumours that placed her as favourite to be honoured with this year’s Cervantes award, she commented: ‘If I won, I would jump for joy’
Ana María Matute is 85 years old and lives in Madrid.


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