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LAFCA unveils its 2010 picks

Yesterday I posted my predictions for the 2010 LA Film Critics Association Awards. Here is the official list of winners and, for the sake of accuracy and visibility, the choices I had predicted.

As expected The Social Network reaped accolades as Best Picture and Best Screenplay, while its helmer David Fincher shared the Best Director honor with Olivier Assayas for Carlos. The biggest surprise came in the Best Actress category, where Korean actress Kim Hye-ja took top honors for her performance in Mother, a film I haven’t seen yet. Back in September, in my Early Oscar Predictions entry, I predicted another Korean actress to unexpectedly pop up in the critics’ awards season: Yoon Jeong-hee for her unforgettable turn as an Alzheimer’s disease patient with a poetic bent in Poetry. Hye-ja has taken that place and I am more than happy about it. Insignificant as it might seem for the general public, an award like this can change the fate of a small film like Mother.

In the supporting categories Niels Arestrup pulled off another (highly deserved) upset for his role in Un Prophète, while Jacki Weaver consolidated her unexpected status as Oscar frontrunner for her riveting work in Animal Kingdom. I was also glad to see Olivia Williams come second in that race. Her great performance in The Ghost Writer was dangerously close to fall into awards oblivion.

LAFCA Winners and Runner-ups

Picture: The Social Network (RU: Carlos)

Director: David Fincher and Olivier Assayas (tie)

Actor: Colin Firth (Edgar Ramirez)

Actress: Kim Hye-ja (Jennifer Lawrence)

Supp. Actor: Niels Arestrup (Geoffrey Rush)

Supp. Actress: Jacki Weaver (Olivia Williams)

Screenplay: The Social Network (The King’s Speech)

Animation: Toy Story 3 (The Illusionist)

Imitation of Life’s Predictions

Best Picture: The Social Network (runner-up: Toy Story 3)

Director: David Fincher (runner-up: Mike Leigh)

Actor: Colin Firth (runner-up: Jesse Eisenberg)

Actress: Tilda Swinton (runner-up: Lesley Manville)

Supp. Actor: Christian Bale (runner-up: Geoffrey Rush)

Supp. Actress: Hailee Steinfeld (runner-up: Jacki Weaver)

Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network (runner-up: Debra Grank for Winter’s Bone)

Animation: Toy Story 3 (runner-up: The Illusionist)

For complete list of winners:


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