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The NBR aftermath: Lesley Manville, Jacki Weaver and Buried

You have to take with a pinch of salt any conclusion drawn from the announcement of the 2010 National Board of Review Awards. As traditional starting gun of the film awards season they manage to gather a lot of attention but the clout they have on the rest of the awards race is limited at best.

The Oscar hopes of many films start and end in the NBR and, as a rule of thumb, one might argue that films that win here won’t fare well later in the season, especially on the big night at the Academy Awards. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Ghost Writer leads European Film Awards with 7 Nominations

The excessive discretion with which the European Film Academy announces, hands out and publicises its annual Awards may be a token of good taste but hardly the best strategy for a trophy whose main goal is to increase the visibility of European film production.

The relative immaturity of the awards, the geographical instability of the location where the ceremony is held and the grimness of a show that is erratically broadcasted through Europe are all factors that have contributed to the lack of allure the Awards still have for the general audience. Read the rest of this entry »

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BEST OF THE YEAR: Early Oscar Predictions 2011

As I promised when I posted the entry about my favourite songs of 2010, here are my film choices for the first part of 2010 in the categories of best film, directing, acting (both leading and supporting) and writing (original and adapted). Read the rest of this entry »

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Another Gem

The Sarajevo Film Festival is a sort of Sundance of the Balkans, the upside being that there is no snow and no queues to watch as many films as you want.

 I arrived here a couple of days ago and last night, between the unavoidable daily intake of burek and rakia, I was lucky enough to catch the screening of Mike Leigh’s extraordinary Another Year. Read the rest of this entry »

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